What does the Security Service Centre do?

The Security Service Centre (SSC) is the first of its kind to be established in Europe. German and Dutch engineers working in the SSC will provide the grid administrators TenneT and Amprion with supra-regional security calculations. In this way, TenneT and Amprion intend to support the security management of the high-voltage grids of Germany and the Netherlands. The Security Service Centre is located in the German town of Rommerskirchen, just outside Cologne.

More about SSC

Main duties

  • Analysing the system security of the European transmission grid by means of Day-Ahead Congestion Forecasts
  • Advising participating TSOs on the available transfer capacity
  • Advising participating TSOs on coordinated measures
  • Standardising and coordinating system security procedures and standards
Klaus Kleinekorte

Klaus Kleinekorte

Managing Director Amprion

"Due to the enormous increase in wind energy in Germany and the Netherlands, we are faced with ever more fluctuations in the electricity flows on the grid. The Security Service Centre will play an important role in this regard, because its main duty is to enhance the security of supply on both sides of the border." said Klaus Kleinekorte, Managing Director of Amprion.

Mel Kroon

Mel Kroon

CEO Tennet TSO

"By means of this international partnership we are creating new opportunities on the European transmission grid and improving the security of supply. This is very beneficial, not only for the over 43 million inhabitants of the service area, but for the entire European high-voltage grid," said Mel Kroon, President and Chief Executive Officer of TenneT TSO.